Asphalt Crack Repair

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Infrared Asphalt Repair

Longer Lasting

Our process creates a thermal bond that resists water and ice. This means the repair will remain durable and gives you the best value in asphalt repair. Compare Duramax to other methods that need to be repeated every year.

Less Disruptive

We cone-off just the areas we are repairing so traffic flow continues. Minimal downtime – if any – means your customers and employees will still show up. We “Pinpoint Pave” (35 sq. ft.) at a time Repairs can be driven on within 1-2 hours.

Lower Repair Cost

Faster repairs – less down time We recycle in place – we don’t charge you to excavate and haul away the old asphalt. We use it! Black is the New Green Our asphalt comes in only one color –black. We are green because our process reuses the asphalt that is already in place rather than digging it up and hauling it to the dump.  


Greenville Infrared Asphalt Repair Process

Truck with asphalt infrared heater on the back
1. Heat asphalt until soft
After removing any water or debris from the area with powerful blowers, the infrared panel is lowered to a position just above the pavement. The heated area (6×8) is larger than the area to be repaired (5×7). We do this so there are no cold spots and no seams.
Infared Asphalt Repair

2. Picture frame and rake area to be repaired

Once softened (8-12 minutes) we use the back of the rake to “frame” the area to be repaired. We then use the rake tines to scarify the asphalt as deep as possible within the framed area. Instead of charging you to excavate and haul the old asphalt away, we recycle it right where it is. Traditional methods add hot asphalt to a cold pothole. This fills the hole but the repair is not seamless and will fail.

Worker dumping wheelbarrow full of asphalt

3. New asphalt is added

Fresh asphalt is added to bring the repair up to grade before compaction. Unlike dump trucks that carry (cooling) asphalt to the job site, our infrared equipment has built in heaters that allow us to keep up to 4 tons of asphalt hot all day long. Hot asphalt allows for better compaction which is critical.

part of an asphalt patch compacted

4. Compaction

Once the new asphalt is raked level the repair is ready for compaction. Before rolling the large area, we “pinch” the outer 3” of the perimeter with the full weight of the roller. This is the “secret sauce” that gives us a seamless repair. Once the “pinch” is completed we vibratory roll the entire area in both directions.

before and after photo of a parking lot repair

5. A thermal-bonded repair is finished

In less than 30 minutes your pothole has been replaced with a long-lasting newly paved surface. A traditional repair with a seam is not your friend. Water and ice will find a way to undermine your efforts. Choose Carolina Asphalt Services and relax.

What Our Customers Are Saying

Justin Salle -

I used Carolina Asphalt Services to coat seal, crack fill nd re-line the parking lot in our church. The guys were great, very attentive to instructions and did a quality job at a fair price. Very happy with them!

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K Faasse -

These guys did a terrific job! The asphalt looks great and the price was in line with other paving companies in our area. Even better…they showed up when they said they would, got the job done, cleaned up before they left. I highly recommend Carolina Asphalt Services.

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Darien Cameron-

My driveway looks amazing!

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Terry Kurowski -

The guys were polite, informative and professional. My driveway looks fantastic! I will definitely use Carolina Asphalt Services again and refer them to everyone I know!

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